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The African Castor Acres Foundation promotes the specific knowledge of castor seed farming and castor seed oil processing in Nigeria and West Africa. Our value proposition is to drive youth empowerment through agricultural development and technology.


We sensitize, promote and develop the skill and capacity of the youth, women and the rural farmers through our seminars, workshop and demonstration farm exercises in remote villages and suburbans across West Africa


Through strategic alliances we provide funding for certified Castor Farmers, Farmlands for castor beans cultivation, and most importantly, we procure specialized prices for farmer-groups, while an off-taker is available to buy up all your farm produce

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We provide our members with...

Sensitization, training and Business plan development skill for agroprenuers.

Procurement of farmlands to her membership

Access to sponsorship and funding for members.

Linkages to the global market through agro-based off-takers

Demonstration farm development and community service farm projects.

Research and development of the Hybrid Castor Beans global market

From the Executive Director's desk

The African Castor Acres Foundation project is supporting Nigerian farmers through a membership program to upgrade their farming skill and experience into fully-fledged Castor farming businesses, giving them the capacity and knowledge they need to compete in the global economy.

The last three months have been very busy for our memberships groups of farmers in Enugu, Nigeria.

Through ACAF, thousands of Castor Beans Farmers and prospective farmers have been trained to improve their agricultural skills, as well as their ability to run their farms as serious businesses. Six months since the project started, up to 800 people have either increased their earnings or have established their own farms.


Most frequent questions and answers

One satchet of our AGF-M hybrid Castor Beans variety is about 2500 pieces in one pack and will cultivate one acre of land which is equivalent to 4 plots of land. 

Become a member of African Castor Farmers Registry. You will get trained and have access to all the necessary information and resources to take off.

The seed has uncountable economic values/uses especially the oil.

The Castor plant last’s for the next seven years after your cultivation

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